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Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronicscomputer software, and online services. The company’s hardware products include the iPhone smartphone, the iPad tablet computer, the Mac personal computer, the iPod portable media player, the Apple Watch smartwatch, the Apple TV digital media player, and the HomePod smart speaker. Apple’s software includes the macOS and iOS operating systems, the iTunes media player, the Safari web browser, and the iLife and iWork creativity and productivity suites, as well as professional applications like Final Cut ProLogic Pro, and Xcode. Its online services include the iTunes Store, the iOS App Store and Mac App StoreApple Music, and iCloud.

Apple was founded by Steve JobsSteve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in April 1976 to develop and sell Wozniak’s Apple I personal computer. It was incorporated as Apple Computer, Inc. in January 1977, and sales of its computers, including the Apple II, saw significant momentum and revenue growth for the company. Within a few years, Jobs and Wozniak had hired a staff of computer designers and had a production line.

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